WOWGROWAlgae Mineral MAX Product Label

Product label for WOWGROWAlgae Mineral MAX which includes an ingredient list, a list of the guaranteed amounts of nitrogen, phosphates, and potash, suggested use, regulation information, and contact information.

Contacts: [email protected]
Dale: 530-945-GROW (4769)
Paul: 831-612-7333

WOWGROWAlgae Mineral MAX Plant Fertilizer is derived from Blue-Green Algae (Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae or AFA), Basalt Rock Dust, Glacial Rock Dust, Volcanic Rock Dust, Green Sand, and Kelp Meal. It contains these non-plant food ingredients: 3.5% Humic Acids (derived from Leonardite) and Soluble Silicon (Si, 1.5%) derived from Volcanic Tuff. Additional ingredients: Hardwood Biochar (activated carbon) and D-Limonene (for scent).

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