About This Website

This website introduces and explores the Mineral MAX formula from a variety of angles. The Blue-Green algae and all the Mineral components are examined through the articles, many of which are consolidated book tributes.

Additionally, on the Links page, there are 100 website listings with information on the raw materials, how they work, and their sources. There is also a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to provide answers to common questions.

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The Testimonials are becoming more frequent for all sizes and types of farms and gardens.

Our Documents navigation button provides access to our WOWGROWAlgae Mineral MAX label, the product certification document from the state of Oregon, the nutrient profile of Blue-Green algae, and the heavy metals test results for Mineral MAX. We are in the process of obtaining OMRI (Organic Materials Research Institute) certification for use in organic agriculture. We are hoping to be licensed to sell in California in the very near future (retail sales; we currently sell bulk quantities).

The About page has the biographies of the Micro Absorption Solutions company principles, Dale, the founder and CEO, and Paul, the Chief Operating Officer. There is also a Contact page with information on how to reach us.

The Shop navigation button leads to a page with a Pricing Chart based on bulk quantity purchases, a Sizing Chart which graphically shows the container sizes for WOWGROWAlgae fertilizers, a Mixing Chart, a Cost per Gallon per Yield chart, an Acreage Calculations chart, and a graphic depicting the nutrients in Mineral MAX and their benefits. The typical concentration of Mineral MAX is 1.5 ounce per gallon of water which yields 96 gallons of fertilizer. We used this concentration for calculations on the Cost per Gallon and Acreage Calculations charts.

Mineral MAX can be used in many ways including drip irrigation, overhead watering, hydroponics, foliar spray, and/or hand-watering. The Micro Absorption Solutions system micronizes the algae/mineral blend to a very small particle size which makes it highly absorbable for uptake.

Pie Chart showing the nutrient components of WOWGROWAlgae Mineral MAX which are added to AFA algae to create the formula. Also included is some textual information on AFA and Mineral MAX