Micro Absorption Solutions
Company Profile

Dale Hinkens
President & Founder

Having serviced the remediation industry for over 26 years, Mr. Hinkens has developed systems for remediating PCBs and chlorinated solvents, cleaning contaminated soils, and developing algae reactors that consume air emissions while creating an oxygen-enriched stream out of NOX, SOX, & CO2.

Mr. Hinkens has spent the last five years harvesting Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (AFA) from Klamath Lake, Oregon while pioneering the development of a bio-available super nutrient that creates 40% more growth in crops and plants as proven in recent government studies. Mr. Hinkens is also currently working as an algae fertilizer consultant on a U.S. Fish and Game project to develop algae-saturated soils.

Now, with the evolvement of WOWGROWAlgae, Mr. Hinkens is making this potent product available to the agricultural community. Walker Farms utilizes the product at their 15,000-acre organic farm using 3,000-gallon tankers. Home Bay Window gardeners use one bucket at a time. WOWGROWAlgae plant fertilizer is also available in gallon containers, 5-gallon buckets, 50-gallon barrels, 275-gallon totes, and by truck tank load (3,000 or 6,000 gallons per tank).

Paul Gaylon

Paul has been developing nutritional formulas for over 30 years as founder and president of Herbal Products & Development. His website, herbprod.com, is an online store with a wealth of information on every product, their ingredients, and uses including product profiles, health articles on product benefits, and information on the latest herbal/health developments.

Photo of Paul Gaylon, VP, WOWGROWAlgae

Herbal Products & Development’s foundational nutritional products include capsule & powder blends, fluid extracts, skincare, food oils, probiotics, and enzymes. Paul uses his understanding of nutrients and nutritional products as a basis to formulate products. He integrates sourcing, production methods, and marketing with product concepts. Formulations are updated as new information becomes available.

Paul has assumed many leadership and project coordination roles in local and regional organizations through various levels of participation in events and conferences. He has been a featured speaker at health food stores and other places of business and has been a guest on public television, radio shows, and podcasts. Paul has been a consultant and advocate for the environmental community and the natural food and hemp industries.

One of Paul’s major events was the Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo in 1998. It was the largest event of its kind in the country at that time with 6,500 people attending. This successful event brought together businesses and individuals on the cutting-edge of the expanding hemp market. Out of this event emerged a one-hour video, “Hemp Hemp Hooray — The Growing Industrial Hemp Market.”

Other organizations and events that Paul has been and is involved with include the Eco Farm conference in 2000. Paul organized discussion/speaker panels for this event. Paul helped coordinate the Gaia Song conference/event on sustainable living and ecological building in 2002. He co-founded Synergy parties the same year which organized enjoyable evenings featuring non-profit and community organizations who discussed their projects and visions.

In 2012, Paul worked with the Community Alliance of Family Farmers with their fundraiser Spring into Summer. He is involved with the Santa Cruz Grange which promotes family farms and sustainable agriculture. He works with Blume Distillation/Whiskey Hill Farms locally in many areas including sourcing temperate and tropical plant seeds and starts and utilizing “waste” from fruit pulp and molasses to produce organic alcohol. He has been particularly involved in the farm’s turmeric crop project.

Paul has two informational websites, Unified Community (unifiedcommunity.info) and Exploring Botanicals (exploringbotanicals.com). Unified Community is a directory of knowledge and concepts to consider with 2,500 links in 125 categories. Exploring Botanicals is a worldwide plant catalog showcasing Paul’s plant photos taken locally & worldwide. Paul’s websites can be accessed through his one-page website paulscommunity.us

Paul’s strong interests in restorative agriculture and organics is a natural fit for his involvement with WOWGROWAlgae. His contributions include product formulation, concept development, research (nutritional & agricultural), logistics, outreach, managing the WOWGROWAlgae.com website, & engaging with the regional academic community on educational projects to test, analyze, and share information about algae & related subjects (under the Articles link) such as nutrients, soils, & techniques.