Sea Crop® Ocean Mineral Concentrate

Field Testing Results

Field tests results have demonstrated that Sea Crop® Ocean Mineral Concentrate:

  1. Increases cellular respiration.
  2. Makes plants more phototropic.
  3. Increases photosynthesis.
  4. Increases carbohydrate content of sap by Brix refractometer testing.
  5. Increases soil microflora.
  6. Improves soil tilth, aeration, and percolation.
  7. Makes plants healthier and more resistant to problems.
  8. Increases the size of the root ball.
  9. Makes plants more drought tolerant.
  10. Makes plants more tolerant to being transplanted.
  11. Increases fruit size and improves the flavor.
  12. Improves fruit shelf life.
  13. Increases mineral and vitamin content.
  14. Increases Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC).
  15. Increases crop yields by 15 – 35%.
  16. Application is easy and inexpensive.
  17. Product is organic.
  18. Product is non-toxic.