Sizing & Pricing

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One gallon of WOWGROWAlgae Mineral MAX yields about 96 gallons of fertilizer. See our Mixing Chart.

Pricing Chart for WOWGROWAlgae Mineral MAX per gallon and for total amount being purchased. Sizes range from 5 gallons to 6,000 gallons

1. Price List does not include delivery charges.
2. Deposits are required upon delivery for the following containers (refunded upon return): $100 per tote, $50 per metal barrel with liner; or we can swap out for the same tote or barrel size.

Pictorial chart of container sizes for WOWGROWAlgae and Mineral MAX
Mixing Cart for WOWGROWAlgae fertilizers showing how much gallons of fertilizer solution is yielded with 1 oz., 1.5oz., and 2 oz. per gallon of WOWGROWAlgae concentrated fertilizers.


Chart of cost per gallon fertilizer yielded using 1.5 oz per gallon of WOWGROWAlgae. Cost is dependent on purchase size; larger quantities cost less
Chart showing actual cost to fertilize 1 to 20 acres of land with WOWGROWAlgae Mineral MAX concentrated fertilizer using 1.5 oz of WOWGROWAlgae per gallon.

WOWGROWAlgae Mineral MAX contains Blue-Green Algae (AFA), Humus Complex (humic-fulvic), AZOMITE®, Glacier Rock Dust, Basalt Rock Dust, Green Sand, Sea Kelp, Activated Carbon, Silicates, and D-Limonene. See the Mineral MAX chart and Mineral MAX label for further information.

Pie Chart showing the nutrient components of WOWGROWAlgae Mineral MAX which are added to AFA algae to create the formula. Also included is some textual information on AFA and Mineral MAX
Mineral MAX Nutrients