Home & Garden


Visual comparison of the differences between houseplants that were and were not fertilized with WOWGROWAlgae.

Cassie: “MAS Mineral Max (aka WOWGROWAlgae Mineral Max) works wonders on houseplants. Within weeks, my indoor plants that were fed MAS Mineral Max grew faster and had thicker and greener leaves than my houseplants that weren’t fertilized with it. I was amazed!”

Flower & Vegetable Garden

Pansies and kale, arugula, and chard from Nancy's garden.

Nancy (San Jose, CA): “I am loving my MAS Mineral Max Nutrient Biostimulant (aka WOWGROWAlgae Mineral Max) for my raised beds and entire garden. My plants are healthier, my blooms are more vibrant, and I know my kale, chard, and arugula are the most nutrient-dense that they have ever been. I have lots of bees and hummingbirds that I care about; the MAS Mineral Max is advantageous for all species. My chickens and dogs munch on the plants that I grow; it makes me so happy to know that they are also as healthy as they can be! I am looking forward to my summer garden and using AFA in it. Thank you so much for this wonderful product from the depths of my Klamath heart.”


Photo of a thriving orchid that was fertilized with WOWGROW Blue Green Algae Fertilizer

This beautiful orchid loves being fertilized with MAS Mineral Max!

Elderberry Tree

A close-up photo of an elderberry flowering cluster on top and a photo of several clusters on the tree.

Paul G, Aptos, CA: My elderberry tree is producing large flower clusters. It is happy in its confined location in a planter box. It is still doing well with an occasional application of MAS Mineral Max.

Flowering Plants & Succulents

2 photos: top is a flowering trumpet plant with pink trumpet-like flowers. The bottom photo is an Aeonium succulent sporting a tall, yellow flower

Paul G, Aptos, CA: This small trumpet plant grew like crazy after being fed MAS Mineral Max. The Aeonium flower is also huge!

Bearded Irises & Flowers

Close up of flowers in garden

Gaia, Capitola, CA: “My plants have noticeably improved since feeding them your product. My tall bearded iris have larger blooms, taller stalks and leaves. See attached photos with a yardstick ruler. The stalks are approx. 4 feet. The blooms are approx. 8 inches. Thank you for the product!”

Close up images of red flowers and yellow leaves growing in a garden.

White Sage

Close up shot of sage plants

Community Garden, Live Oak, CA: “Our White Sage plants are looking good!”

Grass Lawn

Side-by-side comparison of a lawn before and two days after one WOWGROWAlgae application.

Patrick: “I mixed one cup of MAS Mineral Max in my garden sprayer and watered my front yard. Two days later, my neighbors were all inquiring as to what I had done to get such a green, lush yard so quickly!”

Japanese Maple Tree

A pair of arms reaching up to a large Japanese Maple tree which is much taller than the human.

Rob & Delilah N, San Juan Bautista, CA: “We used one ounce of MAS Mineral Max in one gallon of water on our Japanese maple tree. It really makes the tree very happy! We noticed a big difference after 5 or 6 applications.”


Rhododendron bush with many blooms!

Gardener: (Eugene, OR) “After giving my rhododendron bush two doses of MAS Mineral MAX (one ounce each time), my plant grew 1000% more flowers than ever before!”

Herb & Vegetable Garden

4 photos in a collage showing flowers and vegetables in a home garden. A fifth inset photo shows a close up of a chocolate tomato.

Annie V: (Monterey, CA) “Just wanted to share with you how well my herb garden and tomatoes are doing. My chocolate tomato vines are growing up against the house. Not sure if you are an eggplant fan…. But will share them as they grow. My favorites are the basil; they are thriving. Thanks again for turning me on to MAS Mineral Max (aka WOWGROWAlgae Mineral Max)!”

Orchid Shoots

Orchid shoots image and text message stating that this orchid plant grew a dozen shoots within 6 days of being fed WOWGROW!

This orchid grew a dozen new shoots within six days after being fed MAS Mineral Max.

Additional Testimonials

MAS Mineral Max (aka WOWGROWAlgae Mineral Max) has revived the bamboo plants at Kiva Spa & Garden. It’s great!”
—Jazmin G, Santa Cruz, CA

“OK. This is some kind of organic miracle-grow. I planted a portion of my backyard with begonias and pansies about a week ago. I’ve been watering but they were struggling. I applied MAS Mineral Max and the next day, I could see a significant change. Now for the real test. We have a small area that was not fertilized in the beginning when Tina started planting flowers. Obviously, the plants aren’t doing well. So I applied MAS Mineral Max Nutrient Biostimulant to all my fruit trees. So far I am impressed. Thank you!”
—Daniel S, Santa Clara, CA