Fruits & Vegetables

Potato Farm

A 3,000 gallon tanker truck is supplying WOWGROWAlgae to potato fields

Farm Manager: “After two days of using WOWGROWAlgae, we noticed an immediate, favorable sign in the petiole test results of the plant. We ordered another 3,000-gallon tanker of WOWGROWAlgae to continue more applications.”

Habanero Peppers

Photo comparison of Habanero peppers shows the superiority of peppers fertilized with WOWGROWAlgae!

David: “I own a start-up brand of hot sauces and I am always searching for ways to enhance the size and potency of my pepper crops. The peppers in my hand are the peppers that I used to grow. Now, after two applications of WOWGROWAlgae, the Habaneros are as large as my thumbs and are twice as hot! The difference in yield is unlike anything that I have ever experienced.”

Butter Lettuce

Two heads of butter lettuce show the difference between using WOWGROW and not using WOWGROW. The smaller one on the left was not fertilized with WOWGROW.

The 72-hour Butter Lettuce Test: WOWGROWAlgae has made a big difference in this butter lettuce crop in only three days! The head of butter lettuce above on the left was not fertilized with WOWGROWAlgae. The head on the right was in the test group that was fed WOWGROWAlgae mineral fertilizer. The differences are very noticeable!

Basil, Vegetables, Flowers

Large greenhouse with dozens of beds containing basil plants in various stages of growth

Clay & Tex, Fresh Green Organic Farm, Klamath Falls, OR: “WOWGROWAlgae is a great all-around fertilizer. We use it for vegetables, flowers, seedlings, pots, and beds. We apply it in-ground and foliar. It’s like a one-stop-shop kind of fertilizer. That’s what we all want; it’s a good thing to have in your program. WOWGROWAlgae is a good additive because it doesn’t have a lot of nitrogen in it so you don’t burn your plants.

“We give WOWGROWAlgae to our little pots where the plants are de-leafing a bit and are turning yellow; they come back with a vengeance. WOWGROWAlgae kicks the yellowing right out and gives us thicker leaves. When we transplant our plants, WOWGROWAlgae really helps the plants get through the initial transplant shock.”

Radishes & Beets

A bunch of radishes from Connie's garden.

Connie (Elk Grove, CA): “My beets and radishes really took off with WOWGROWAlgae. I am really happy with it!”


Image of tomato plants before WOWGROWAlgae and after WOWGROWAlgae application.

Susan: (Carmel Valley, CA) “A dear friend gave me some beautiful tomato seedlings. Some sort of animal got in my greenhouse and ate these seedlings down to just nubs. I used wire to enclose them and gave them some WOWGROWAlgae and hoped for the best. Here are the before wow grow and after, and it didn’t take a long time… maybe two weeks…”

Heirloom Tomatoes

"Frankenstein" tomato plant and the tomato that it produced in its second year!

Penelope, San Diego, CA: “Yes, that is my heirloom tomato plant. My name is Penelope and I live in San Diego. It’s mid-January and we are now experiencing 84° weather. These pics show our patio tomato plant. We call it FRANKENSTEIN. This is an annual plant and yet, this is its second winter. It WON’T die. It comes back with a vengeance each year! I just feed it WOWGROWAlgae mixed with water on top of a quality potting mix. We can’t believe the result.

Additional Testimonials

“WOWGROWAlgae helped straighten and stabilize my banana trees. They are improving”
—Bill R, Aptos, CA

“My kale plants are doing very well and are thriving with WOWGROWAlgae!”
—Doug & Kim C, Santa Cruz, CA