Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is WOWGROWAlgae?
    WOWGROWAlgae Basic is wild blue-green algae (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) ethically harvested from Klamath Lake, Oregon by the collaborative efforts of local harvesting expertise and is organically processed in a certified organic facility. This rare algae mineral is processed by low-temperature heating for soft pasteurization of the product. WOWGROWAlgae Basic includes Humus Complex (humic-fulvic), Activated Carbon, and D-Limonene. We shear the material to a particle size that is as small as possible.
  2. What is WOWGROWAlgae MINERAL MAX?
    MINERAL Max contains some of the widest spectra of plant trace minerals. This is a deluxe version of the original blue-green WOWGROWAlgae. MINERAL MAX contains Blue-Green Algae (AFA), Humus Complex (humic-fulvic), AZOMITE®, Glacier and Basalt Rock Dust, Green Sand, Sea Kelp, Activated Carbon, Silicates, and D-Limonene. See the Mineral MAX Nutrients chart below.
  3. What are AFA Blue-Green algae?
    AFA share features with all plants and has the ability to perform photosynthesis. Plants use sunlight and CO2 to produce food. They share features with primitive bacteria in that they lack a plant cell wall. Bacteria have no nuclei, can fix nitrogen, and can convert minerals into food. Interestingly, they share characteristics of the animal kingdom; they contain complex sugars similar to glycogen on their cell membranes; animals have a similar cell wall structure.
  4. How does WOWGROWAlgae work?
    WOWGROWAlgae helps the interrelationship between plants and soil. It provides nourishment to their environments by providing a more efficient water holding capacity. There is greater absorption throughout the surface area which forms mats on bare soil.
  5. How often should WOWGROWAlgae be applied?
    It can be applied 1 – 2 times per week or as needed. Even applying it once every few weeks will help plant growth. Each farm and garden should find the optimal level for their particular needs.
  6. How much should I use?
    Generally, 1 – 2 oz. per gallon. Use a lesser amount for starts and seedlings.
  7. How should WOWGROWAlgae be applied?
    Hand-watering, foliar spray, overhead sprinklers, aqua or hydroponics, drip, soak, and any other readily absorbable irrigation methods that benefit plants and their roots also work well.
  8. What is the shelf life of WOWGROWAlgae?
    This product has a long shelf-life; it is good for several years. The Humus Complex, Carbon, and D-Limonene enhance the product and extend its shelf life. Store in a cool, dry place.
  9. What is the sustainable origin of the Klamath Lake algae?
    The AFA algae reproduce every four days. 50–60 million gallons flow into the (140 square miles) Klamath Lake Basin daily feed through 17 rivers, springs, and falls. The harvest is constantly accruing additional biomass. About 7,800 years ago, the Mount Mazama volcano dispersed lava as far and high as 100 miles. This resulted in Klamath Lake having water 8–40 feet deep covering 20–30 feet of volcanic rock below. The alkaline lake (8+ pH) produces a rich mineral nutrient trap.
  10. What results will I observe?
    The results speak for themselves. Do a test using the same type of plants with similar conditions and observe the growth differences!
  11. What is the composition of algae?
    All aspects of this are found in the Analysis document.
  12. What are the benefits of WOWGROWAlgae?
    Blue-Green Algae contain large amounts of proteins (amino acids), plant growth hormones, minerals (macro and micro), vitamins, minerals, lipids, RNA, beta carotenes, phytocyanins, and rapidly utilized complex carbohydrates. AFA encourages healthy plants and soil. Root exudates release plant sugars, oxygen, and various carbon compounds into the rhizome layer. The soil returns enzymes, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and lipids which are carried to plants by capillary action aided by hyphae in this continuous nutrient feed loop. This improves root growth and thus, plant potential. Faster growth, better start, and stronger plants.
  13. Can Blue-Green be used with other nutrients or as a stand-alone?
    It can be used both ways. Blue-Green has a full spectrum of amino acids, vitamins, a high amount of minerals, enzymes, vitamins, lipids, carotenoids, all flavonoid pigments, high chlorophyll, growth hormones, etc. Many like the rich, full-spectrum mix. As the first organism on Earth (3.5 billion years ago), they learned to adapt to all conditions and have evolved to survive. Growth hormones work with mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria. It fixes N2 from the air. Amino acids help set stronger, thicker roots to prepare for fuller growth and stem elongation. Even sub-rootlets fill out more; stability supports wider and taller growth. Blue-Green can be added to compost or used with molasses, sea plants, humates, or any other liquid blend as part of a watering schedule.
  14. Can WOWGROWAlgae help “sick” plants?
    See the testimonial pages and photos which illustrate ongoing improvements in plants and how they can be restored and thrive.
  15. Does WOWGROWAlgae improve root growth?
    Absolutely! Results show more growth in plant roots and hairs. Improvements in the soil send nutrients back to plants through the roots. Mineral MAX is the culmination of this synergy.
  16. How has Blue-Green illustrated improved biology?
    According to William Barry in The Astonishing, Magnificent and Delightful Algae, page 8, “Oxygen is not the only gas produced by the algae. The blue-green algae (Cyanophyta or cyanobacteria) produce oxygen, CO2, and nitrogen. Because they are so efficient at nitrogen fixation (taking nitrogen out of the soil), blue-greens have been inoculated into the rice paddies and increase the rice yield 20% – 200%. Algae have been harvested for centuries and plowed into the land as an excellent fertilizer, mulch, and a substance to increase the water holding capacity of the soil.
  17. Can WOWGROWAlgae help with all kinds of crops including large & specialty crops and all gardening and farming systems?
    Yes; use foliar spray, direct application, drip irrigation, overhead irrigation, and/or hydroponics in all types of gardens including vegetable gardens, blueberries, strawberries fruit trees, hemp (CBD), cannabis, orchids, bananas, cane, ferns, rice, potatoes, onions, flowers, and herbs. We are currently gathering data on the effectiveness of WOWGROWAlgae on larger projects. Some results can be seen on our Testimonial pages for specific crops.
  18. How does the mineral cycle work?
    Plants utilize AFA both in the uptake of nutrients in the roots and in the soil. Humates and rich nutrients have been washed into Klamath Lake. Plants take and utilize the minerals they need. The rich minerals in the soil come back through the roots. Plants are well-fortified with minerals.
  19. Can WOWGROWAlgae be used for trees? Yes. Water toward drip lines 1 or 2 times per week; continue as needed. Trees respond better to mycorrhizal fungi than small plants or annuals do.
  20. Yields and Flavor (food plants), aromas, and other quality considerations?
    For fruits and vegetables, the yield is large, and the produce is juicy and flavorful. Other plants experience enriched growth and improved terpenes & aromatic properties. Quality nutrients yield better taste. Plants become more robust and durable which gives them more resistance to insect infestations, drought, and a host of other issues.
  21. Is there toxicity in WOWGROWAlgae?
    As stated by William Barry, there is no toxicity. Microcystins, Daphnia, and Anabaena are not harvested with the beneficial AFA in Klamath Lake. We still recommend that WOWGROWAlgae be applied to plants only and is not to be ingested by humans or animals.
Pie Chart showing the nutrient components of WOWGROWAlgae Mineral MAX which are added to AFA algae to create the formula. Also included is some textual information on AFA and Mineral MAX
Mineral MAX Nutrients
Contact information for WOWGROWAlgae bordered by logos for WOWGROWAlgae and Mineral MAX

NOTE: WOWGROWAlgae was formulated for plants only and is not meant for human or animal consumption. There is a premium grade of Blue-Green algae that is a food, but it is not to be confused with WOWGROWAlgae.

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