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Concentrated Formulas with blue-green algae

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Superior Plant Growth with Less Water
1 gallon of WOWGROWAlgae yields 100 gallons of fertilizer

“WOWGROWAlgae use produces many positive plant outcomes. It creates rapid uptake in plant and soil environments. The high nutrient content (growth factors, etc.) and plant sugars interact with soil bacteria to accelerate root growth. Numerous testimonials have confirmed this.”The Exchange Between Soil & Roots in the Rhizosphere article

“Biofertilizers (“Blue-Green algae”) include mainly the nitrogen-fixing, phosphate solubilizing, and plant growth microorganisms.” —Goel, et al, Journal of Tropical Agriculture, pg 17, 1999

“Cyanobacteria play an important role and buildup of soil fertility, consequently, increasing rice growth and yield as a natural biofertilizer.” —Song et al, Biodiversity and seasonal variation of the cyanobacterial assemblage in a rice paddy field in Fujian, China, 2005